Licensed and Insured

The State of Tennessee requires all General Contractors to have a Contracting License through the State and be insured for all projects that they construct. American Home Builders carries a State of Tennessee Contractors License.

There are several important reasons hiring a licensed and insured contractor. Unlicensed contractors are usually breaking the law by working without a license, therefore there is a chance they will not comply with other laws including permit requirements and inspection requirements. This can result in your project not being up to the current building code and needing to be repaired or removed if your home is inspected or your property is sold. It can be difficult to determine if an unlicensed contractor will be able to provide you with quality workmanship since the contractor has not had to submit to any examination or review of his knowledge by a licensing board.

Avoiding the potential hazards of hiring an unlicensed contractor is important and you should check with your state licensing board before hiring any contractor to determine if his license is in good standing.

We carry insurance for all of our building projects. This insures you that the craftmanship and work performed will be of the highest quality and covered should anything unexpected happen.