Mission Statment

There are many building companies out there to choose from. Why is American Home Builders different and more qualified. We would lie if we told you that we are the most talented contractor in East Tennessee. We know there are many talented and qualified companies out there.

We do believe however, that we know your needs. We not only build custom homes for customers, but we have built many homes for ourselves. We know the quality that we would expect for ourselves and we deliver that to our customers. It is important for us to build a home that we would be proud to call our own, with the quality craftmanship and detail we would expect.

Another great aspect of a local builder that does mainly custom homes, is the availability to communicate with the customer. If any issue or question should arise the contractor is on the phone with you or there in person immediately making sure the situation is taken care of. Flexibility is a very important part our business. We understand that there is eb and flow in the construction process and we do what is necessary to take those changes in stride and complete the dream home you desire.

Scripture teaches that if you do something, to do it to the glory of God as if you were doing it for Him. This philosophy guides our business and keeps us focused on doing our best on each and every project.